Roaric's Glen

Clean-up duty in the Briarwood Part I b

The group encountered several small bands of goblins. While most were common rabble, a few were led by more experienced soldiers. One group even contained a bugbear.
After dispatching the wandering soldiers, the party found its way to the general area of the forest where Lieutenant Jacobs had said they may find the goblin camps. Once there, Aiden spend time examining the ground for tracks and signs of passage and was able to point the group in the right direction. They soon found a small camp with a single tent occupied by several goblins. A battle ensued, and while the group was challenged, in the end they prevailed and were able to identify evidence of destroying the camp and their bounty. To recover from their injuries, the party camped in the forest for the night and through the following day and night before returning with their treasure to Borderton. The group has done some shopping, rested in their tents and is standing at the edge of the forest, ready to search for the remaining camps.



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