Oberrato de Punal

Half-Elf Rogue




Oberrato de Punal is handsome and strapping young fellow with a rich and dark olive complexion belying his human heritage from the warm and dry climate of Iberia to the south where the blood of the men run hot and the love of the women run even hotter. His father, however, was an elf warrior that Oberrato has never met and he apparently had a penchant for whoring around with the beautiful local women by seducing them with his elven charms and then making passionate love with them under the gentle stars among the fields of grapes or the lush meadow lands in the warm wine country of Iberia. Unfortunately, his mother died early and young, so he had to make his way on his own as a street urchin in a large Iberian sea port and as a jack of all trades where ever he found himself from early on in his youth.

At some point Oberrato signed on with some swarthy sailors and merchants to sail to far off parts of the world like Jalan and Qin. During his travels, he has collected kukri from all over the known world and each one of his unique blades has a story which he loves to freely tell to any and all who will listen. As he has sailed the world trying to sate his wanderlust, he has picked up skills and knowledge that have helped to keep his head on his shoulders, but just barely. He has many lovers of all kinds in many ports of calls and cities around the civilized kingdoms and he has not limited himself to any one species or gender as he see all beings as being created by the gods and thinks that it would be rude to not sample all that the gods have to offers to mortals.

He has finally landed himself in Sharizarn and become involved with some resistance or freedom fighters. He thinks they are an interesting lot so he has decided to stay with them for a time. Only time will tell if their cause can truly become his own or if the fire in his blood will cause him to move on and seek more wild experiences and fantastic adventures…

Oberrato de Punal

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