Roaric's Glen

Clean-up duty in the Briarwood Part I

How many goblin ears does it take to buy a potion

The party stated their adventure in Borderton. After a relaxing morning and a nice lunch, they met with Ranger Lieutenant Jacobs for a briefing. Lieutenant Jacobs offered the party the opportunity to work for the Sharizarn Army hunting down straggling Goblin Army soldiers (mostly goblins, but possibly bugbears and Wolf Jaw Barbarians) before they could regroup and offer resistance to the army or raid the village during its rebuilding. He offered to pay for the ears of goblins, bugbears and the like, and to pay if they could bring back evidence of their finding and destroying Goblin Army campsites (the assumption being that the campsites would be rallying points for the straggling soldiers). Scout that had explored the northwest portion of the Briairwood reported seeing at least three camps in that area, and there was a possibility of more. Lieutenant Jacobs warned that there may also be dangerous wildlife in the Briarwood.
The group set out the following morning, leaving their mounts in a nearby copse of trees, they traveled first to the area of the Angorn Castle midden. The midden had not been tended during the war, and in addition to the usual refuse and offal on the giant dung heap, they saw the bodies of several humanoid creatures, including goblins and possibly an ogre. Seeing the that the midden was a massive pile of writhing rats, insects and carrion birds, the chose not to approach the midden.
The group then had to cross the former kill zone between the bottom of the hill supporting the castle and the edge of the forest. Like the midden, the kill zone had not been tended since before the war and was overgrown with underbrush and small trees. While crossing the kill zone, they were almost surprised by a leopard, that appeared to have set an ambush on one of the game trails the party was following. Despite striking from steal, the big cat was no match for the party, who quickly defeated the beast and left with its hide.
The party had been told that the camps were likely a half-mile into the Briarwood from the castle, so with Aidan leading the way the party worked its way into the forest. As they went, they encountered various small groups of goblins.



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